Online Personal Training and Coaching

If you’ve never heard of online personal training before, I’m sure you’re thinking “How is that going to work?”.

There’s a whole bunch of online trainers out there but it is proving to be a very cost effective way to have the benefits of a tailored program delivered by a personal trainer, without some of the limitations that face-to-face training can have.

So how does it work?

To start with, the process is no different to face-to-face personal training. It begins with a fitness consultation so we can establish your current situation, set your goals and assess how we can get there. We will also look at what training equipment you have access to as well as how and when you like to train.

Then you’ll get delivered a training plan complete with instructional videos and a calendar of when the training should be completed. This is delivered via an app on your apple or android phone.

The best part is that you can complete your training whenever and where ever its convenient to you, but with all the same support from me via email or messenger.

Package includes 

  • Structured at-home/gym training program
  • email and app messenger support
  • Weekly progress review