Personal Trainer Central Coast

A Short Buyer's Guide for Your Personal Trainer Central Coast

At Eye of the Tiger Fitness and Nutrition, you have three options for choosing your personal trainer on the Central Coast. The most popular option is in-person 1:1 training. Buy a package or sign up to a subscription that includes 60-minute training sessions, and together we will develop all the sessions according to your individual needs. You will undergo flexibility reviews and development programs as well as regular testing to ensure you stay on track with your entire fitness regime. Your second option is the online coaching app, where you will have a calendar tracker to assist you with your training and all your workouts scheduled. Your coach will arrange weekly 15-minute zoom call to ensure you stay motivated and on track. Through the app, you will receive dietary advice and recipes. Finally, if you’re still not sure about whether Personal Training is for you, the 28-day kick start package is designed as a taster bundle to help get you started. The Kick Start package includes two one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer per week for four weeks at an introductory rate, and it will help you get on the path to transforming the way you look and feel about your body. You will learn how to lift weights safely and be provided with ongoing support and coaching.

Benefits of a Central Coast Personal Trainer

When you hire a fitness coach, you are hiring a person passionate about the health and fitness of your body and your mind. A personal trainer will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals and ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • You may look at yourself and have a specific idea in mind. This may be positive or negative thoughts on how you look and feel. The right trainer will listen to your thoughts and consider your current fitness levels. Then, with all this information, the trainer will lay out a fitness plan for you to follow to achieve your goals.
  • Personal trainers are professionals that have taken the time to learn all the techniques, exercises, and even the science behind health improvement factors. Hiring a professional fitness coach means you will get all the information and experience they hold incorporated into your fitness plan.
  • Everybody is different and has different needs. Therefore, every fitness plan should be different. A personal trainer will create a specific plan for you according to your body and habits according to how your body functions.

Signs You Should Invest in One-on-One Personal Training

To help improve yourself, you may be considering a personal trainer to help with the methods and monitor your progress. Or you may be going to the gym already and feel like it’s time for something different.
  • If you are new to the fitness world and have no idea where to start, a fitness coach might be ideal. We can help you find the best activities for you and put together an excellent routine to maximise your time and effort, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.
  • If you have been going to the gym for months and you haven’t seen any results, it’s time for us to take a closer look at your program. We’ll change up your routine if needed and push you to ensure you see results in no time. We’ll also teach you how to use some of the equipment more effectively.
  • Finally, if you’re looking for a fresh perspective because your old routine may be a little outdated, a personal trainer will help with new ideas and show you some new equipment. Additionally, it also challenges you to do more and work harder.

What to Consider When Hiring a Private Personal Training

Everybody should get into fitness, but unfortunately, not everybody is on the same level. And that’s totally ok!
  • If you suffer from a specific illness or injury, a personal trainer should recommend you consult your healthcare practitioner before signing up for exercise programs to ensure you get the right clearance for exercise. Explain to your trainer what your condition is, and your trainer may be able to assist you with the best exercise plans for what you can handle. Your trainer should be willing to work alongside your healthcare practitioner(s) such as physiotherapists to get the best outcome for you.
  • Your personal trainer will help you with your form and posture, and if you struggle with back pain or leg cramps, your personal trainer may put together a program that can help you strengthen and stretch the correct muscles.
  • If you are training for a sporting event, you need a trainer to develop the best programs that suit your specific sport. For example, with running, you will need to train your muscles to cope with speed, but you will also need to exercise your endurance and stamina to move better. This may require full-body strength workouts and stretches instead of just lots of running.

What You Can Expect from a Health Coach

When you hire your trainer, you can expect somebody to go out of their way to ensure you receive daily motivation to achieve your goals. You will have dietary advice and nutritional information along with a workout schedule to ensure you have all the tools you need to start to feel better.
  • The right coach will have the necessary qualifications and certificates to show they have the required training to work with your health and safety. A personal coach will ensure that they have the right policies and insurance in place to protect you and yourself from injuries and procedures, including services such as costs, cancellations, and refunds.
  • Experience is a vital key when choosing the right personal trainer. You will want somebody who has experience working in the fitness and health industry and need somebody who can give you the best advice.
  • Look for a trainer who aligns to your core values and knows how to motivate you in ways that you will respond to. You might prefer to have a more empathetic coach guide you through your training sessions over someone who is going to shout at you to just push harder.

About Eye of The Tiger Fitness and Nutrition

At Eye of the Tiger Fitness and Nutrition, the aim is to help you change how you look and feel about your body and give you the power to make that an ongoing lifestyle habit for yourself. I put my heart and soul into every client, and I go through every emotional and successful milestone that they go through. My priority is to ensure that my clients have the correct tools to succeed and become self-sufficient to maintain their healthy lifestyles. Book your personal trainer today or contact me for any further queries.